Software Services & Technical Support

Factory Reset

Restores phone to original settings. Removes all personal information.

Software Updates

Improves functions of your phone and other devices.

Password Reset

Assists in reset of forgotten passwords, or complete password removal option

Let Us Help You with Software Services & Technical Support

We Fix the Tough Stuff

Our experts are skilled at recovering data from even the most severely damaged logic boards, which house data inside iPhones. Things like water damage or severe impact are often the most irrecoverable
incidents, but not for us.

We perform high precision data recovery using specialized techniques, like micro soldering on the motherboard, and can help iPhone users who other repair companies turn away. Give us a try. We may surprise you.

Information Transfer

We help sync personal information like music, photos, or videos, so you can have a seamless transition to your new device. Even text messages can transfer, and all data is backed up for you on a flash drive. Services may differ for Apple or Android, but we are here to help.

Premier, Unparalleled Service for iPhones

We offer the highest level, specialized service for iPhones, with prices starting at $500 for these extreme cases of damage. Think of us like the elite team of iPhone repair. Other companies use software methods when a phone won’t turn on, but we have other methods to address a “critical unrecoverable error”.
We go to the root of the problem, fixing the phone’s logic board and working on a micro component level. We understand iPhone voltage lines and schematics, and for these reasons, have a high success rate of fixing iPhones that other companies deem non-repairable.

Basic Device Lessons

We help customers learn about their phone or device. We can add contacts, download apps, or provide customer training on the new device. We are your resource for all things mobile device based, and we want you to feel confident in how to operate your equipment. It’s our pleasure to help.