Monthly Prepaid Plan

Data Activation Plan

Data Activation Plan – we provide a variety of different month to month plans, including international, starting at $12.50 per month. No contracts required. Renewals in store, or over the phone for your convenience.

Monthly rates as low as $12.50

Cellular mobile services brings you our lowest prices ever for an individual prepaid wireless plan. The more months you buy up front, the more you save, with rates as low as $12.50/month when you choose multiple months.

Benefits of Prepaid Unlimited Plan

Things have changed! Prepaid phone plans are almost too good to ignore now and here’s why:

What is a prepaid unlimited plan?

When you sign up with any carrier on a prepaid plan, you can customize it based on what they offer. For data, text, and talk, you’ll pre-pay based on the amount you’ll be using.For an idea of what a simple no-contract unlimited data plan looks like, give us a call or check one of our store near you. With prepaid unlimited data plan you never have to worry about overages, you can be anywhere.

Unlimited Data is Key

For most people, unlimited data is the most important phone plan feature. With VoIP apps becoming increasingly popular, dependable access to data has never been more important. When you visit our

stores, we can help you find the best prepaid data plan for your situation. We help individuals, families, businesses, and travelers optimize their data every day.