TALK,TEXT & DATA Activation Plan

Benefits of Prepaid Unlimited Plan

Stretch your data, not your budget. Introducing Our best Unlimited Talk, text, data & hotspots. With 5G Nationwide included.

Things have changed! Prepaid phone plans are almost too good to ignore now and here’s why:

What is a prepaid unlimited plan?

When you sign up with any carrier on a prepaid plan, you can customize it based on what they offer. For data, text, and talk, you’ll pre-pay based on the amount you’ll be using.For an idea of what a simple no-contract unlimited data plan looks like, give us a call or check one of our store near you. With prepaid unlimited data plan you never have to worry about overages, you can be anywhere.

Domestic long distance calling is included in all Cellular Mobile Services plans.

All Multi- Month Plans include Unlimited Calling to 80+ International Destinations.

These destinations are the same as our Single-Month Plans and can be found in our Single-Month Plans and can be found in our international Destination List.

In order to provide the lowest price, we require the plan to be paid in full at the time of sign up.

No, subscribes can keep their current SIM when switching in and out of Multi-Month Plans.

Yes, you can change your plan length and/ or date amount.

In Your Online Account:
Sign into your account and select the Manage Plan “ section. Once you select your desired plans and add-ons, click”Continue.
Through Cellular Mobile Services Customers Care: To have one of our Customer Care representatives help you change your plan, please call us or visit one of our locations near you.
Please note that immediate plan changes to plans of lesser value are available at the end of your current billing cycle.

A billing cycle is a 30-day cycle that starts the day you activate or the day you renew service.

Talk can be added to any Single Month or Multi- Month plan for an additional $10 per month.

Unlimited Data is Key

For most people, unlimited data is the most important phone plan feature. With VoIP apps becoming increasingly popular, dependable access to data has never been more important. When you visit our

stores, we can help you find the best prepaid data plan for your situation. We help individuals, families, businesses, and travelers optimize their data every day.


Not only does Cellular Mobile Services help you save money-with the “Call Me Free” system, we help your loved ones save money when they call you! Here’s how it works: We supply you with a local phone number, and you’ll give it to the person who will be calling you from another country. The person uses that number to reach you directly, and they will only be charged for a local call… plus, you won’t be charged anything extra for the incoming call! Best of all, ״Call Me Free” usage is UNLIMITED for all Cellular Mobile Services subscribers!

Have Questions?
We Have Answers.

Check the Country Code international Number You’re Dialing.

Another common cause of problems with international calling is an incorrect country code. Please make sure that you are dialing 011 or + before the international number that you intend to call. Check your Account Balance A common cause of problems with international calling is lack of account funds if you are calling a destination not included in the 80+ Unlimited international Destinations. There are four (4) easy ways to check your account balance:

1 Log into Your Online Account- Logging in online is the easiest way to get information related to your account, and you can access it any time.
2 Text BAL to 6700 – you will receive text message with all account balance information.
3 Visit One of our stores for service.

With your INTL Roaming credit, you will be able to call, text and use data while overseas. Upon activation, you will get a one- time allotment of INTL Roaming credit. Any unused INTL Roaming credit will stay intact as long as you are an cellular mobile services subscriber, and the unused balance will roll over to the next billing month.

Cellular Mobile Services subscribers can buy more INTL Roaming credit and add it to their account by using UpRoam. UpRoam add-ons come in $5 $10 and $20 denominations. Any unused balance will roll over to your next billing month.

To utilize Global Unlimited, you first need to add the feature to your account. You can do that in the following ways: In your online account Log into your online account and purchase the recurring add-on.

After you add Globe Unlimited to your account, simply dial the country code, and then the phone number of your friend or family member in the Globe network.

If you have added Globe Unlimited to your account, but call a number outside the Globe network, you will be charged the same- per- minute rate that offers to call the Philippines. To see the per-minute rate to call internationally.

For destinations that use 10-digit dialing ( numbers on North America Numbering Plan), enter the 10-digit phone number of the message recipient as you would when sending a domestic text. For destinations not using 10- digit dialing ( the rest of the world outside North America),include 011 or a “+” symbol, the country code, and the phone number of the recipient.